cause here I am again in the middle of the night crying over taylor swift in the laptop light

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Jay Leno: What’s your worst gig ever?

Taylor: When I was thirteen I would play anywhere. I would play these acoustic shows and I would go to these bars. And I remember one time, I was playing at a bar at a rock festival, and I was standing up there on stage, and like, my guitar is bigger than I am, and I’m standing on stage and I’m like, ‘This is a song that I wrote about a boy in my class.’ And you know, there’s guys standing there with their beers and they’re like ‘TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF!’ So…

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We’ve all seen her grow up into a beautiful woman, and a truly global SUPERSTAR. That’s why tonight, the CMA has decided the time has come to present Taylor with the CMA PINNACLE AWARD, recognizing her GROUNDBREAKING place in music history and her positive impact on the appreciation of country music WORLDWIDE.

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"all you fucking haters talking shit about me and I’m like"

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